About Us

Elder Dr. Doretha Cooper is a native of Oakland, California yet raised in Compton, California. She currently and humbly serves as the Senior Pastor of Omni Ministries which was founded by her mother Emeritus Rebecca Roberts, November 1999, who served for 15 years. Dr Cooper was reared in ministry under the tutelage of her mother being encouraged to be a strong leader. She attended 92nd Street and Mayo Elementary, Whaley Junior High and Dominguez High School all with outstanding academic achievements.
She sought secondary education at Southwest College, Aenon Bible College, Friends International Christian University and Next Dimension University majoring in Religion and Business. Dr Cooper received the Holy Ghost like emphasized on the day of Pentecost on January 22,1984 and accepted the call to ministry in 1993. Dr Cooper received her Ministerial Credential in June 1994. Dr Cooper served faithfully under her Pastor/Mother Rebecca Roberts at the conception of Omni Ministries from November 1999 to May 2014. During that time, Dr Cooper served for the first 3 1/2 years as Omni Ministries Church Administrator and Business Manager all while being the Adjutant to her Pastor.

Determined to be that right hand for her mother, Dr Cooper took time off from her studies to help grow and nourish Omni Ministries. Dr Cooper being rooted and grounded in the Apostolic teaching, has many gifts that were being used for the glory of the Lord. From Youth Ministry Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Choir Director, Minister of Music, Drummer and Praise and Worship Leader. Just to mention a few!
Dr. Cooper understanding the importance of being studious of the Word and knowing the importance of education, returned back to school to finish her Associates in Biblical Studies late 2002 and Bachelor of Biblical Studies, November 2004 both from the Friends International Christian University, her Master of Ministry in August of 2013 and her Doctorate of Ministry in August 2015 both from Next Dimension University.

In 2004, after the tragic demise of her nine year old niece, Dr Cooper became a Funeral Establishment Owner and also a Business Finance Consultant. Dr Cooper’s motto is “Where integrity Breeds Prosperity. Integrity Business Solutions (I.B.S.)consults the finance flow of religious based organizations and trains each client the do’s and don’t of finance distribution.

In June 2005, Dr Cooper was named National Youth Evangelist, and began traveling all over the country ministering in Youth revivals, conducting effective workshops for singles and teaching the young people the importance of being set apart and living a saved life through Jesus Christ uncompromising of the world system.

In June 2014, under the leading of the Lord, Emeritus Rebecca Roberts passed the mantle to her daughter Dr. Doretha Cooper whom became the Senior Pastor of Omni Ministries.

For many years Dr. Cooper was given the assignment of launching a ministry that would serve the people outside of the traditional platform and give them a Kingdom mindset. With the vision To empower and incorporate the priestly posture. To ignite a worldwide spiritual shakeup causing a complete makeover of ones mind positioning for Kingdom life no longer living under a confined environment. To annihilate and destroy “world system living” of the believer and lead them back to their rightful place – Kingdom . Always reminding that we are peculiar people-not like everyone else, royal priesthood-Kingdom decent, chosen generation-handpicked by God. To instill the thought and intent of Christ and that is, understanding our lives are emphatically derivative of our thoughts and spoken words . To move each and every believer to engage in inheritance living that we obtained from the beginning of creation by Jesus Christ. Amazingly enough that time had come and Dr Cooper launched her first D.C.M. Connect on June 2, 2018 in which D.C.M. are acronyms for Doretha Cooper Ministries.

Dr Cooper has also released her first book entitled “What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You” in the latter part of October 2018. This book is an informational piece that is designed to make you abreast of what actually happens when there is a demise. It gives you insight as to what’s needed prior to a loved ones passing so that you are not side swiped by astronomical pricing that would be unnecessary to pay at the time of need
Dr Cooper has a passion for Ministry that includes Intercessory Prayer and building up the ministry by teaching the necessity of a spiritual healthy diet-The Word of God! Dr. Cooper enjoys studying the Word of God, all kinds of reading and holds the Youth close to her heart. Dr. Cooper loves singing, playing the drums, a sports fanatic, a true business woman and entrepreneur in her own right. Dr. Cooper’s desire is to see the people of God not only saved and delivered from spiritual bondage also debt free, homeowners and financially independent.

Dr. Cooper’s assignment to “SERVE” is most enjoyed and also witnessing growth from the people of God moving into their rightful place in the Kingdom. Dr. Cooper’s purpose in life is to be infectious, contagious and relevant in every season teaching the body of Christ how to tap into their God-given talents, using those talents for the Lord, stomping out the words “I Don’t Know” and to also invest in every person that comes through her path a balanced teaching of the Word of God.