Sponsorship Letter

Thank You

First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to each and every one of you who have chosen to become a monthly sponsor. I’m so elated that you have allowed the Lord to minister to your heart to bless Doretha Cooper Ministries. We promise to be integral with every cent that is sown and will keep you updated with all that is done. Below we’ve chosen to give you an overview and goals in which, with the Lord’s help, we will see it through. Again, from my heart “Thank you”


To empower and incorporate the priestly posture. To ignite a worldwide spiritual shakeup causing a complete makeover of one’s mind positioning for Kingdom life no longer living under a confined environment. To annihilate and destroy “world system living” of the believer and lead them back to their rightful place – Kingdom . Always reminding us that we are peculiar people-not like everyone else, royal priesthood-Kingdom decent, chosen generation-handpicked by God. To instill the thought and intent of Christ and that is, understanding our lives are emphatically derivative of our thoughts and spoken words. To move each and every believer to engage in inheritance living that we obtained from the beginning of creation by Jesus Christ. We’re so glad to have you join the team! We are excited about our new journey with you. Thank you for partnering with us. Stay tuned for all things DCM. Thank you for committing to sowing your $20.00 seed monthly. Ways of giving Zelle: [email protected] , CashApp $, Paypal: [email protected]


  • Create Relationship – The objective is to promote and facilitate spiritual growth while increasing awareness about Kingdom Perspective, Kingdom Power, Kingdom Principles
  • Empowerment – To push you further into your God given assignment
  • Impartation – To sit with me and some of my guests during NIGHT C.A.P and receive instructions from the Lord.


  • NIGHT C.A.P ( Changing A Perspective)
  • The Relaunch of What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You..